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JINEN Butoh 4 months school

JINEN Butoh 4 months school
with Atsushi Takenouchi
December 2018 – March 2019
Monthly 10 days Butoh course
with residency at Majnoni Baldovinetti Farm in Marti, Tuscany / Italy
Butoh: Atsushi Takenouchi
Live music: Hiroko Komiya
Assistant: Maruska Ronchi
Course DatesDec 8-19 2018 (8 Sat arrival, 19 Wed departure, *13 Thu day off)Jan 4-15 2019 (4 Fri arrival, 15 Tue departure, *9 Wed day off)Feb 2-13 2019 (2 Sat arrival, 13 Wed departure, *7 Thu day off )Mar 2-13 2019 (2 Sat arrival, 13 Wed departure, *7 Thu day off ) Time and term : 7-8 hours/day, 10 days course per month
* There will be also night session day. Depend on schedule, time will be flexible.
Minimum numbers : 10 persons, Maximum number: 15 persons
(***After 15 reservations you will be entered in the waiting list.)
*Since we have limited spots this year, we recommend early reservation.
photos Georges Karam Dance with JINEN, dance with all life which has been born from the universe.
Where do we really come from?
Long ago, at…

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